La Baguette Magique - West Chester, PA

This past Tuesday, March 13th, I had the opportunity to meet Catherine Seisson - owner & baker of La Baguette Magique in West Chester, PA. I was a "fly on the wall" as I photographed the morning routine. The day was even more exciting because La Baguette Magique was celebrating their third birthday! I was impressed at how well the team worked together. Organization is key for a successful operation.

In the month of March, their featured bread is "Pain à la Bière" - otherwise known as beer bread. The bread is prepared with Iron Hill Brewery's "Pig Iron Porter." I was able to see the preparation of the Poolish (step 1 of the beer bread making process). As a lover of beer, this smelled delicious!

Be sure to stop by La Baguette Magique if you find yourself in West Chester, PA and say hi to Catherine! She's so sweet and I can't wait to work with her again.

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Below are some of the photos from the morning - click to view larger!